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Scenic Rim Pool Safety Inspections offers a prompt and reliable inspection service focusing, but not exclusively, within the Scenic Rim Regional Council district.   

Our goal is issuing your compliant pool with the  Pool Safety Certificate, and for listing on the Pool Safety Register with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.  

Our Friendly Team Members

Why do I need a Scenic Rim Pool Safety Inspections, inspection? 

Firstly our friendly team members offer you a piece of mind service for a fixed affordable upfront fee.  Fees and Payment Arrangements  We are helpful, reliable and professional. 

Safe Environment

The purpose of this legislation is to make your pool or spa as safe as possible.  Saving lives and making a safe environment for your family and friends is not only desirable, it is working!  Pool related deaths in Queensland are significantly and encouragingly diminishing since the introduction of the new mandatory Pool Safety Laws.  Of paramount importance is the safety of our families and friends. Throughout Queensland, all pools and spas must be fenced and meet the Pool Safety Standard, as amended and legislated as at July 2010.

Did You Know?... Time Is Up!

Since 1st December, 2015, all Queensland pools and spas (and their fencing) must comply and be registered.  Hefty fines are issued for uncertified and unregistered pools! 

Pool Owners Are Responsible

Pool owners are responsible to ensure that fencing meets the safety standard, and is properly maintained with any breakages fixed immediately; current CPR signage is easily seen near the pool; and that the pool is listed on the Pool Safety Register.

Should I Get My Pool Inspected?

All new and existing pools are required by law to comply with the pool fence safety laws, and be entered on the Pool Safety Register. 
Non-shared Pools (e.g., at a private residential home) Should be re-inspected every two years to ensure continued compliance. Shared Pools (e.g. resorts, motels, caravan parks, apartment blocks) need to be re-inspected every year to ensure continued compliance. Read More

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