Scenic Rim Pool Safety Inspections

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We understand you would like your pool or spa to achieve compliance at the first inspection.  Ideally this is the most cost effective and fuss free outcome for you.  Before booking your Scenic Rim Pool Safety Inspections inspection, we suggest that you run through the Self Assessment Checklist provided on the QBCC website. 




WHEN DO I NEED TO COMPLY?  From 1st December 2015 your pool fencing must meet the pool safety standard.
WHAT TYPE OF POOLS NEED TO COMPLY?  All swimming pools, spa and portable pools that can be filled to a depth of 300mm and have a volume of more than 2000 litres.  
Is your pool registered? You can check online at the QBCC  Y  N
The height of your pool fence is at least 1200mm  Y  N
The gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground is no more than 100mm  Y N
Your pool fence has horizontal rails no closer than 900mm apart  Y  N
Your pool fence has vertical rails no greater than 100mm apart  Y N
There are no climbable objects within 900mm from the outside and 300mm from the inside Y N
The pool fence is well maintained and fixed securely with no holes, broken rails or verticals Y N
There is a compliant CPR sign that is easily visible to anyone near the pool  Y N
No doors provide direct access from the house to the pool area  Y N
Windows which open onto the pool area are fixed so that they do not open more than 100mm or they have a security screen fitted  Y N
The pool gate opens outward, away from the pool  Y N
The gate self-closes and self-latches from all open positions  Y N
The gate latch is at least 1500mm off the ground and 1400mm above the top part of the lower horizontal railings.  If located on the inside, it needs to be at least 150mm below the top of the fence and covered with a 450mm radius shield on the outside  Y N
The hinges on the gate are at least 900mm apart or the lower hinge has a non-climbable safety cap  Y N
The above checklist is to be used as a guide only.  If you answered no or are unsure, we recommend you engage a licensed pool safety inspector to conduct a full safety audit.  
 (*content is copied from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website)


In addition, or alternatively we also offer, at the same price as an inspection, an optionalPre-Inspection”  inspection.  The advantage of this Pre-Inspection is that our Inspector will carry out a full inspection to alert you to any likely defects which will result in non compliance of your pool or spa.  However, there will be no official reporting.  This means the time limit of 90 days requirement for works to be carried out to bring the pool or spa to compliance status does not apply.  You will have the advantage of not being restricted to a deadline to get the work done.