Scenic Rim Pool Safety Inspections

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Should I Get My Pool Inspected

All new and existing pools are required by law to comply with the pool fence safety laws, and be entered on the Pool Safety Register.

Non-shared Pools (e.g., at a private residential home) Should be re-inspected every two years to ensure continued compliance.  Shared Pools (e.g. resorts, motels, caravan parks, apartment blocks) need to be re-inspected every year to ensure continued compliance.

However, where a property is sold or leased, it is required that a valid Pool Safety Certificate be obtained.

Sellers:                 Must provide a purchaser with either a valid Pool Safety Certificate, or a Form 36.  Form 36 advises that the pool may not comply with the pool safety standard and what steps must be taken to comply.

Purchasers:        If the seller has not provided a valid Pool Safety Certificate, buyers must obtain a Pool Safety Certificate within 90 days of date of settlement.

Leasing:               Property owners must ensure a valid Pool Safety Certificate is in effect before entering into a lease or other accommodation agreement.